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Bureau Environmental Health Fee Schedule

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Food Sanitation Program:

Annual Food License Fees:

Category I Food Establishment: $300/year
Category II Food Establishment: $200/year
Category III Food Establishment: $100/year

New establishment and/or change of licensee licenses will be prorated according to the county Food Sanitation Ordinance.

Annual License Renewal Late Fees:

January 1st through January 15th: $100
January 16th through January 31st: $200
90 days after expiration: Revocation-Referral to States Attorney & Closure

Temporary Food Establishment License Fees:

3-14 Consecutive Days in One Location/Event: $55
Organizations having a current county Food Services License N/C

Food Establishment Plan Review Fees:

New Establishment – Including Plan Review: $250
Change of Licensee: $200
Remodel Fee – Including Plan Review: $150
On-site Consultation (w/o Plan Review) $50

Reinstatement/Re-Inspection Fees:

Re-inspection of critical violations not corrected at time of inspection $50/inspection
Reinstating suspended license $250

Sanitizer Test Kits:

Chlorine Test Kit: $6

Private Sewage Disposal:


Residential Contractor Installed Subsurface System $200
Surface Discharging System – Following IEPA Approval $350
Homeowner-Installed System $350
Non-Residential System $350

Installer/Pumper Registration and Septic Evaluation Fees:

Septic and Water System Evaluation $200
Septic System Evaluation $100
Water System Evaluation $100
Zoning Evaluation $75
Septic Installer/Pumper Annual Registration $75

Subdivision Plat Review Fees:

Plat Review–First Lot: $200
Plat Review–Each Additional Lot: $100


Land Application Fee-new site (Initial Fee Per Lot): $100
Land Application Site Fee (Per Lot/Year): $50
Zoning Evaluation: $75

Well Programs:

Permit & Inspection Fees:

Water Well Construction Permit $100
Water Well Inspection Fee $100
Geothermal Water Well Permit $100
Geothermal Water Well Inspection $100
Geothermal Contractor Registration $50
Abandoned Well Permit $50

Water Sampling Fees:

Water sample collected by Health Department $50
Water samples with public health significance taken by Health Department N/C
Test Kit (Coliform Bacteria Only) $15